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Focused on Better Brain Health

The Genesis program is a 30 day medically based plan with a personalized schedule focusing on nutrition, brain utilization, exercise, stress management, and socialization. Clinical trials show these preventative strategies expand one's cognitive reserve, delay cognitive decline, and in some cases reverse cognitive complications. 

After completing the program, you will be able to apply the skills you have learned to keep your brain performing at its peak. Our aim is for each participant in the Genesis program to have the tools and knowledge necessary to improve cognition and if possible delay the onset of any cognitive issues.

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Genesis Brain Bootcamp taught me that my brain plays a critical role in every aspect of my life. I learned steps to enhance my overall cognition; the roles that nutrition, exercise and sleep play in brain health; my personal risk factors that could contribute to decreased brain function – and I have a cognitive baseline that I can track as I age. I encourage everyone to empower themselves and take this proactive approach to better brain health.
— RD - Oak Ridge, TN


Brain Health Physical

“Before my Brain Health Physical at Genesis, I was not familiar with the term ‘cognitive reserve.’ I now understand that my ‘reserve’ is my brain’s resilience and ability to protect against cognitive decline. Proper nutrition, physical and mental exercise, and stress management all contribute to an improved cognitive reserve. The earlier we start building up a cognitive reserve, the better. But it is never too late to start!” 

JC - Knoxville, TN




The Technology

Genesis Brain App

Genesis utilizes the latest fitness tracking technology to monitor your heart rate, physical activity, and sleep quality. Along with the proprietary Genesis software and app you will be able to track and manage all aspects of your nutrition, fitness, and brain utilization.

The app will serve as your guide and resource center as you progress through the program towards better physical and brain health.